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About Green Gauge Trust

Green Gauge Trust’s mission is to mainstream the knowledge and skills needed for the delivery of low energy, low carbon buildings in the UK.

The Green Gauge Trust is a not-for-profit organisation with three principal aims:

  • to expand the market for very low energy, low carbon buildings by communicating their value to clients, investors, the construction industry, and prospective and existing building users
  • to promote robust standards and methodologies, and
  • to deliver a range of high quality education and training materials to enable the delivery of sustainable buildings with excellent energy and carbon performance.

It achieves its aims by:

  • promoting the need for a common language – that is simple, accurate and meaningful – amongst all those in the buildings cycle
  • participating in national policy forums
  • contributing to the strategy development and implementation of other organisations with national reach and linked objectives
  • developing and promoting the green stripes training programme (see our separate website)
  • Green Gauge Trust is working for a common language and understanding throughout the buildings cycle to unlock the opportunity available and deliver low energy sustainable buildings cost-effectively.


Property Cycle Diagram