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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Olympic Sustainability Starts with Construction

The London 2012 Games are aiming to be the world’s first sustainable Olympics and Paralympics. Minimizing environmental impact is one of the major objectives planned into the event, and they are hoping to pave the way for the future of large-scale construction projects and events. Renewables were a large part of their plan to reduce […]

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The Future of the Construction Industry: Construction Exec Magazine

This month, US-based Construction Executive Magazine have compiled an industry retrospective of the last 8 years and forecast for the future. Although the figures are specific to the US market, the general trends and observations are relevant to the UK. Of particular interest are the emphasis on green building and workforce development, Green Gauge’s core […]

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Energy Efficiency is Sexy!

As part of their campaign to refurbish drafty homes, Friends of the Earth have put together this tongue-in-cheek video. We believe this is another great way to get people’s attention about energy efficiency, home refurbishment, and cutting carbon.

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UN Climate Negotiation Agreement Reached

Earlier this month in Bangkok, the 2011 Climate Change agenda was set. Are we one step closer to a workable compromise, or are the wheels just turning? Read more.

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