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Monthly Archives: May 2011

New Requirements for Rental Properties in 2018

The DECC has announced plans to introduce regulations to ensure that all landlords would face minimum energy efficiency standards under the Green Deal.  Under the proposals, announced at Second Reading of the Energy Bill,  from April 2018 the government will make it unlawful to rent out a house or business premise which has less than […]

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Incentives Help People “Go Green”

A recent BBC article released the results of a study by the University of Salford into how incentives might motivate people to “go green”. The findings demonstrated that offers, such as fruit and veg vouchers or a garden makeover, increased the chances that people would adopt energy-saving measures in their homes. The principles of decision […]

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Carbon Targets Video

More plans announced this week to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2027. Still waiting for the plans for training the workforce to make it happen! Watch the BBC News video here.

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Registration Now Open for Green Stripes!

Green Stripes, our subsidiary training scheme, is proud to announce the launch of their first CPD courses.  Our trainers have been busy writing and developing bespoke course materials and the first two sessions are scheduled for June and July.  Understanding Sustainable Building Standards, Regulations and Methodologies will be held on 21 June, from 9 – […]

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